November 30, 2023

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WoW Hunter Pets – Best Hunter Pets For World of Warcraft

WoW Hunter Pets – Best Hunter Pets For World of Warcraft

When you’re trying to figure out what the best pet is for your Hunter in World of Warcraft, the answer has a lot to do with deciding the kind of pet first. There are basically three different types of pets, so once you figure out which of these you want, then it will be easier to select a specific WoW hunter pet.

So let’s take a look at the two basic pet types, either tank pets or DPS Pets. There are other pets too that are more generalized and this may be the way for you to go as well if you have a lot of different things you want your pet to do.

For Tanking, Gorillas, Boars and Bears make some great pets. Probably the boars and bears are the most common though because they are a lot easier to feed. Also, for Tanking you can consider turtles, for their extra durability.

Need a pet for DPS? Cats are almost always the first choice if you need a good DPS Pet for your Hunter. The reason why is that cats can learn lots more different abilities than any other Hunter pet you could get and they are also easy to feed and can dish out lots of damage to your enemies. In addition to all of the cats available, you can also consider owls, spiders, and my personal favorite, raptors! Raptors will shred the face right off your enemy, so if you’re feeling particularly bloodthirsty, that’s the way I’d go.

Now, for pets that can do a little bit of this and a little bit of that, for when you want maximum flexibility to both tank and DPS, you have a whole bunch of options. My favorite here is the Wolf. Partly, it is the fact that I just love how they look and also that furious howl is a great skill. The variety of attack speeds will come in handy as well.

With so many pets to choose from, the way to help you narrow your selection down is to start thinking about what does the pet eat and how easy will it be to maintain them? Can you get their food easily, is it expensive? Can they eat anything or do they have a specialized diet? If you are still a low level hunter, you are not going to want to be spending your money on pet food! Also, stop and spend a minute thinking about what kind of effort it will take to level your pet and can you have it keep up with you as you level up yourself? That’s going to be a factor on deciding what pet to choose.