November 30, 2023

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The Amazing Tale of Ginny the Elephant (Warning – Get Kleenex!)

The Amazing Tale of Ginny the Elephant (Warning – Get Kleenex!)

The moment upon a time, I took my group of animal conversation pupils to the San Antonio Zoo.

Their guidance were to wander all around and uncover animal instructors to practice speaking with for about an hour. Then we ended up all to meet up with at the elephant enclosure because there was a quite special elephant there named Ginny I required to introduce them to. I also wanted to tell them an astounding elephant tale – Ginny’s story.

They experienced uncovered how to very best hook up and open the discussion. Some of the learners, remaining hugely sensitive and empathic like myself, were concerned.

What if the animal’s tale was heartbreaking? What if they were in discomfort, or indignant or grieving or sad… ? And what if their misery was additional than they could bear?


I recognized their considerations. I have felt them myself and have typically experienced college students convey to me they were being afraid to do the job with rescued, abused or sick, transitioning animals… for the similar causes.

But here is the issue…

No matter what is happening or has already happened for the animal is aspect of their tale. What they need is the capability to communicate and be listened to so they can recover and enable it go.

It’s not your work to choose on their stuff when you open up a channel to connect.

Your position is to give them a way to be understood, to truly feel compassionate, loving awareness, to produce a coronary heart centered house for listening and caring, and THAT is these types of a treasured reward.

Lots of situations therapeutic occurs, positive adjustments come about that were being unexpected, and proper ahead of your eyes (if you do it correct), you can see them come to be a lot more entirely existing, they heal, they mature, they breathe a large sigh of reduction, and they allow the previous go.

It truly is a miracle to witness, and heartwarming further than perception.

So, kleenex in their pockets, hearts open up and available, with loving and distinct intention set, off they went!

When we achieved back at the elephant enclosure later on, they ended up delighted with their activities. Some animals dismissed them, they have been much too dropped in their individual world and weren’t interested in conversing to a human.

Other animals ended up so appreciative of obtaining been listened to, they were being thrilled and delighted.

They mentioned items like, “Wait, did you say anything? You, a dense human, can listen to me? That can’t be proper… I considered people have been far too unaware to converse. Severely, you really are conversing to ME? And you can listen to me much too?? OMG! Permit me go get my buddies!”

And other animals would arrive working up eager to witness the miracle of a human who could listen to them and discuss their language.

So a lot enjoyable!! And the tales they instructed? Oh my.

Heartwarming! Inspirational! Touching! Wow.

Right now I have a different story to inform you.

A couple of weeks earlier I would been referred to as by a zoo docent to arrive help them with one of their elephants.

Ginny, the 50 12 months aged matriarch of the compact elephant herd at the zoo, experienced killed their head handler.

No one else experienced been there when it happened, so there were being no witnesses. Only the proof of carnage left driving.

When I arrived, they had her in chains, in a steel cage scarcely significant enough for her entire body. She stood there dejectedly but proud, quiet and withdrawn. Resigned and waiting for her fate to be established.

The handlers and administration hadn’t made a decision if they would have to kill her or not.

Why experienced she gone rogue?

Was she unsafe?

Would she harm any individual else?

What transpired for her to have killed that guy?

In advance of they determined what to do with her, they wanted me to talk to her and discover out accurately what transpired.

So I walked in to find all the human beings sitting in a circle ready for me. I greeted them, sat down and took my position.

I had just a minute to greet Ginny, whom I’d hardly ever met prior to, and give her my assurance that my intention was to be her voice, and that I really cared what occurred to her.

They didn’t give me any far more information than you know suitable now, so I shut my eyes and tuned into Ginny, asking her to notify me what happened.

She advised me that the man was often abusive to her and her relatives herd. That he’d not been there for extremely extended, but was unloved and unliked. That he frequently showed up reeking of alcohol and acting terribly, surprisingly, unpredictably.

That fateful working day she resolved she’d experienced more than enough. He’d damage and terrorized them very long more than enough.

It was her occupation as matriarch to protect her relatives, and so she built the really hard final decision and acted.

She merely and calmly reached out to him, grabbed him around his midsection, picked him up and held him high, turned him upside down, and smashed his head onto the floor tough more than enough to crack his skull open up.

And that was that.

She took a big breath, and I thanked her for telling me.

I relayed her tale to the folks existing.

They experienced tears in their eyes as they listened, and then they seemed at each individual other.

They advised me that indeed, he was abusive and sure, he was normally drunk. No one liked him. Nobody mourned him.

They requested me what Ginny’s intentions were to the rest of them… would she hurt them if they permit her go?

When I questioned, Ginny claimed, “No, you are all type and good hearted men and women. I mean you no harm. I only want my loved ones to be safe and highly regarded.”

With a number of a lot more assurances from her that they were being in fact risk-free, they eagerly produced her chains, opened the cage and let her go totally free.

We all experienced tears in our eyes as she attained out to thank people nearest to her with a delicate contact of her trunk.

The appear in her eyes… well, I tear up just to bear in mind it honestly.

And so she ongoing on as the matriarch of the herd. She in no way damage everyone else.

That provides us back again to exactly where we commenced… It was just a handful of months later on when I was there at the Zoo with my students.

After the college students completed their discussions with animals, we had all agreed to reconnect at the elephant enclosure.

We were being at the much end of the enclosure sitting on a bench in the shade. We chattered away talking about our extraordinary ordeals.

Then… I noticed Ginny at the reverse finish of the enclosure significantly absent from us.

She had been consuming by herself way back again away from the crowds.

But all of a unexpected, she received serious continue to… and stopped chewing.

She held her head up, then looked appropriate at us throughout the enclosure as her ears came up with pleasure.

Following she achieved down and collected a large pile of hay in her trunk and carried it as she walked all the way around…

And then she stopped, correct in front of us!

As she faced us, she dropped the hay and commenced munching.

She greeted us lovingly, welcoming us to her dwelling. She answered many of our thoughts, and the students have been delighted to listen to her sweet, sort voice.

All of a unexpected one particular of the elephant handlers arrived functioning over to us in alarm.

They said, “What are you executing to that elephant!? She hardly ever pays any awareness to the travellers and zoo website visitors. Why is she fascinated in you ton?”

So we explained to her the story, and as before long as she realized who I was, she wanted to shake my hand, hugging me. With tears in her eyes she thanked me effusively for my help in saving Ginny’s daily life.

And that is why I do the work I do.

It will make a variation.

And that is why I launched The Heart College of Animal Communication. It truly is why I host the Most effective On-line Animal Chat Coaching & Mastery Club and give classes to educate animal lovers how to converse with animals on your own.

The excellent information is that you do not have to be physically with me in man or woman like my first smaller band of animal communicate students.

The Coronary heart School courses and Animal Converse Coaching Club are all on-line. That way you can participate from anywhere you are.

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