Reducing Parrot Dust – 5 Things You Can Do To Get Rid of Bird Dust

Reducing Parrot Dust – 5 Things You Can Do To Get Rid of Bird Dust

Dust from birds such as African Greys, Cockatoos, Cockatiels, and Amazons can seem impossible to get rid of. As gorgeous as these birds are the dust they produce can be a hazard for both birds and humans. Nothing will completely eliminate it, but here are 5 things you can do that will limit the dust you see and breathe.

Provide Water for Bathing—Providing a bowl of water separate and apart from drinking water will encourage your bird to take the proverbial bird bath. Regular bathing will greatly reduce the amount of dust and dander that is available to go airborne when you pet preens, flies, shakes or plays.

You can also make bathing an activity that you do together by installing a shower perch. When you take a shower you can take your bird in with you and give it the opportunity to fly in and out of a gentle stream of water as it chooses. Consult with an avian vet about best frequency for baths and a recommendation for bird-friendly shampoo.

Reduce Fibrous Materials—Curtains, upholstered furniture, wall-to-wall carpet all make great hiding places for dust. Normal daily activities can cause the dust that has settled on these surfaces to go airborne and create a vicious cycle that can be hard to break. Use shutters, wood or tile, and leather than can be cleaned thoroughly and damp wiped to eliminate the particles completely.

Clean With Water—-Using a damp mop to clean floors will trap particles and prevent them from being able to go airborne and settle somewhere else. Likewise using a damp cloth to capture particulates on blinds, shutters, and furniture will really take the dust out of circulation.

Give Daily Attention to the Cage—-Be sure to change the cage paper each day. Use gloves and mist it first before removing it. This will minimize the amount of dust that is able to go airborne. Put soiled paper outdoors so that pollutants cannot possibly re-enter your indoor air.

Continually Filter Bird Room Air—Having a cleaner run 24 hours a day to constantly keep the level of particles low is a low maintenance, efficient and economical way to literally keep the dust and dander down.

The best type of filter for efficient removal of particulates is a HEPA (or high efficiency particle arresting) filter. Designed to remove particles that are.3 microns or greater, it is a perfect match for your bird’s dust and dander.

Using these 5 suggestions to tackle the extra particles that your birds produce will provide cleaner air for both you and your bird. And clean air can greatly lengthen your bird’s life span—and yours too.