December 8, 2023

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Popular Hypoallergenic Hunting Dogs – 3 Of The Most Popular Of The Lot

Popular Hypoallergenic Hunting Dogs – 3 Of The Most Popular Of The Lot

Originally used to hunt down small animals, such as rabbits, foxes, rats, and so on, hunting dogs have now become pets. With their intelligence, grace, and zest for life, these dogs could bring joy to any family. Those who have dog allergies can purchase a hypoallergenic hunting dog. The German Shorthaired Pointer, Basenji, and Afghan Hound are three varieties of popular hunting dogs.

German Shorthaired Pointer

The German Shorthaired Pointer was born when an English Pointer was crossed with a German Pointer. It is a great dog to have with you when you go hunting because it is highly responsive to sounds and movements. In addition, it is a wonderful friend to have when you are out of doors.

It is used for hunting even today, but at the same time, it makes a great pet for the entire family. Its short coat can easily be managed by regular brushing. In addition, it neither sheds as much hair as breeds with longer coats do nor does it produce much dander. A German Shorthaired Pointer, therefore, is very good choice for people who suffer from dog allergies.

These Pointers love physical activities and are long, lean, and friendly. It is not necessary to groom it often. You can bathe it only when it gets very dirty.

Afghan Hounds

With its coat of long hair, this breed does not resemble any other hypoallergenic breed. But its hair bears a strong resemblance to human hair in that it does not shed, but just grows. Therefore, people with allergies don’t suffer any allergy reactions when they are with an Afghan Hound.

In the past, this dog was used to hunt deer, foxes, and wolves. However, it is not used any more as a hunting dog today; it is more popular as a pet and show dog. With its lovely brown coat, the dog is a masterpeice of canine beauty.

Afghan Hounds are very pleasant, but do not enjoy obeying commands. It has a degree of independence unlike other hypoallergenic dogs. Many a times, this dog will simply ignore your commands, a tendency that could frustrate you. Therefore, the Afghan Hound is not the best dog for you if want a breed that you can easily manage and control.


The Basenji originated in Africa and is among smaller breeds that are now not used for hunting any more. It has a coat of short hair that does not shed a lot, and this is why, many consider it to a very good hypoallergenic dog.

The most interesting feature of a Basenji is that it does not bark, among the few hypoallergenic breeds that does not do so. It is a good mimic, being able to imitate sounds in its immediate environment. Apart from an occasional yelp or two, this is a relatively quieter breed. This dog is great for you if you have made a home in an apartment.

Like the Afghan Hound, the Basenji too does not like to obey commands from owners. Although quiet, the dog is inquisitive and loves exploring things and places. It greatly resembles a cat in behavior and temperament. You will find that your Basenji, having a mind of its own, does not respond very well to training.