February 29, 2024

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Online Pet Meds: Affordable Medication for Your Pets

Online Pet Meds: Affordable Medication for Your Pets

According to a news report by Reuters group, the CVS Group, a London-based seller of pet medication is experiencing huge losses for the third quarter in a row. While, earlier financial meltdown was cited as the reason, analysts have found a new cause. Analysis has shown that companies like CVS group are losing their sales to online pet meds. The online medications not only cut down 50% of the costs but are equally effective and convenient to purchase.

America spends over $3.2 billion dollars annually in pet medication. Online pet meds are making their entry in a big way in America too. Capitalizing on their expertise in pharmaceutical industry, it is the Canadian firms which are challenging America’s big pharma.

What Makes Online Pet Meds So Lucrative?

Most people are opting for online pet meds. It is probably due to the high cost of prescription drugs in America. America spends a lot in the R&D of drugs. The prices of patented drugs are skyrocketing year after year. However, many perplexed pet owners do not realize that their pets are given the same drugs as humans to treat similar medical conditions. For instance, pets are given Advair Diskus for treating respiratory disorders, just like human beings. This explains the rising costs of both, human and pet medication. By buying from an online pharmacy, you can get the same generic medication at almost half the cost of its generic counterpart.

Online Pet Meds: Procedure to Order

For an authorized pharmacy to give you prescription drugs for your pets, they will need a prescription. Hence, you will have to first visit your vet and get a prescription for a fee. Once this is done you can fax or e-mail a copy to the seller of online pet meds and get your supply.

Apart from the obvious cost savings, there is also a lot of convenience which is offered by these pharmacies. For instance, you can order 24×7, have your medication delivered to your doorstep and even set reminder services so that you do not run out of medication.

The convenience factor is being rated high by most buyers who are starved for time in this financial crisis situation. Making ends meet is a priority and time is money. However, your pet must not be made to suffer for this situation. Canadian pharmacies save you both time and money and at the same time ensure that your pet is in perfect shape.

Safety Concerns: Online Pet Meds

Safety has not been an issue till now. There are very few spurious sellers of online pet meds. This is why there are fewer rating agencies. However, beware if someone is willing to sell prescription drugs without a prescription. They are fake sellers for sure.