February 29, 2024

Cvb Dienste

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New Puppy, New You!

New Puppy, New You!

So you decided to add a new addition to your home. No, we aren’t talking about a room, but a new dog. Whether you are puppy proofing your home, house breaking, crate training, or teaching your dog a fabulous recall or a new trick, the general care and maintenance that is required is equally important in order for your dog to succeed!

It doesn’t matter if your new doggie addition came from a breeder and is a young puppy or came from rescue and is older; many of the steps will be the same to building a relationship and training both of you. The similarity is simply that their environment has changed. You are their new owner and they must now become accustomed to their new social settings with you being in charge.

Puppy proofing the home is an absolute necessity. The idea is the same as when expecting an infant coming home. Ensure that there is nothing around your puppy can be destructive to in any manner. Be it chewing, soiling, shredding, and eating. It’s helpful to get down on all fours- yes your fours-and crawl around your home and you will see exactly what this new puppy will see. A world of cords, toys, shoes table legs and ohhhh so much more. Don’t forget to keep them out of cabinets, chemicals, hazardous areas and any other potentially dangerous places. Did you know there is also an endless list of substances and foods that can be a danger to your puppy? We thought we would share just a few you should be particularly careful to keep away from the doggie: Dark Chocolate, raisins, grapes, oleander and antifreeze are the most common dangers to your puppy Please check with your vet on the entire list.

The best way to avoid destruction is to keep your puppy with you at all times and provide toys that are easily discernible from anything else (if your puppy can not be with you; they can go in a crate). We will discuss the importance of crate training as it relates to house breaking and other puppy issues next. Another great way to avoid destruction is to give your dog lots of exercise throughout the day. A tired puppy is a good puppy.

Stay tuned for more… and remember, if you haven’t picked up those Manola Blahnicks you love- don’t be mad when your doggie decides he or she likes them more.