February 29, 2024

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It can be for the Birds – Pondering Hen Idioms

It can be for the Birds – Pondering Hen Idioms

It truly is for the birds. Where did that phrase occur from? Why is a little something we contemplate worthless for the birds? In accordance to the almighty online, birds commonly eat seeds which are not worthy of a lot, so something we consider not to be worth significantly is considered “for the birds.”

Have you at any time named anyone a birdbrain? A birdbrain is a person regarded as stupid or to have a small focus span. Birds do flit from in this article to there and there and there and there. Whether or not birds are silly is up for debate. Anatomically, a fowl has a comparatively massive mind in comparison to its head dimensions. How effectively that brain capabilities, I’m not so confident.

She eats like a chicken. At any time been told that? The this means of that assertion is that she does not consume very much and just pecks at her foodstuff. Birds do a whole lot of pecking, but from my observation, they eat lots. If the fowl poop on my house is any indication, they are doing just fine in the eating and digesting departments. I’ve browse that birds truly eat quite a bit for their entire body size.

How do I know that? A minor bird instructed me. We use that stating when a mystery source tells us one thing about a further man or woman. The origin of that phrase could have appear from a Bible verse in Ecclesiastes about looking at your phrases since a chicken in the sky could carry your words and phrases to the king or some thing like that. Some say a small hen instructed me refers to provider pigeons being employed to supply messages again in the working day.

It truly is exciting that we will not give much believed to the idioms we use. We only acknowledge them, just like we acknowledge birds and our fancy with them. Definitely many of us have wished to be no cost as a hen. And we all, at a person time or an additional, have been bare as a jaybird.

Why a jaybird? Bluejays are born with pretty minor down, so that could be a single assumption. Most birds are born the very same, so naked as a fowl operates as very well. Blue jays when experienced are quite charming and never look bare. Yet I am not sure what a bare bird appears like. None of the birds in my property use clothing.

What about the bluebird of pleasure? A tune penned in 1934 has specified us that icon, but bluebirds have been revered for decades prior to that. Indigenous American legends refer to bluebirds as a spirit connected with the growing sunshine. “Bluebirds fly above the rainbow, why, oh why, won’t be able to I?” sings Dorothy in Wizard of Oz.

Birds of a feather flock alongside one another. We fully grasp that species remain collectively and we say persons who have comparable characters or similar interests will typically pick to shell out time collectively. Chicken fans, for instance.

We all know the early chook will get the worm. We connect with morning people early birds and those people who like to keep up late are considered evening owls. Birds are up at dawn, pecking for bugs, seeds, and maybe that popular worm. We awake to the tweets and music of birds.

You may be pondering why I don’t reveal flipping the hen. You can appear that up you. I started out right now with the approach of just creating about my fascination with the birds in my garden, and how I observe them from my sunroom, pretty much a bird’s eye perspective.

I got distracted with these idioms and needed to share them with you. Now my column space is full. Maybe you could say I just killed two birds with a person stone.