November 30, 2023

Cvb Dienste

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How to Seduce Your Wife Like an Animal?

How to Seduce Your Wife Like an Animal?

If you want to seduce your wife, become an “Animal”.

“You’re an animal, a wild animal – always hungry for her. Every movement of her body turns you on and transforms you into a wild, sexual beast. Your eyes, heart, and mind are hyper-focused on her. You want to grab her, throw her in bed, and ravish her like there is no tomorrow.”

This mindset and approach always make her panties wet.

A man with an animal passion offers a great range of pleasure during seduction. His one attitude expresses that he’s raw and dangerous, and his other side shows that he can give more security and care than the president of the USA. The blend of these two attitudes helps him to conquer every beat of her heart.

I’ve seen that, in relationships, most men turn into a soft, lousy person; they are girlish by nature and have no idea how to treat their wives like a “Man”. They are lazy, keep their asses on beds, and watch cartoons or play games. It’s like they are just wasting their lives and have no urge to conquer the world.

And, consequently, their wives look at them as the grand “Losers”.

If you want to seduce your wife, turn yourself into an “Animal”, that’s the best advice I can give you. Because, a man with an animalistic nature knows how to seduce his wife’s thoughts and make her burn with sexual passion. He handles things differently, and his every act shows animalistic masculinity. For example:

During argues and protests, he suddenly grabs her pony and smooch her lips hard… He treats her like she’s the rarest and the most beautiful flower… He conquers his every day, and he starts his domination from her – in bed… He doesn’t talk about his wishes; he talks about his goals… He’s obsessive about her.

Seduction is not only about touching. In fact, seduction can be anything. If you’re looking at her with lustful eyes and rolling up your sleeves, you’re seducing her. If you’re taking her in your lap while she’s crying, you’re seducing her. If you’re spanking her ass while she’s busy in the kitchen, you’re seducing her. If you’re giving her roses and chocolates and making her feel special, you’re seducing her. If you’re tickling her and making her laugh loud, you’re seducing her.

Seduction can be in thousands of forms. The thing that matters during seduction is your attitude. It’s your attitude that either turns you into a lion or into a cat. And, women want a lion in their lives; they want to get ravished by a lion again and again, from thousands of ways; they don’t want a lazy cat in their lives. Because, a cat is soft, sweet, and feminine, whereas a lion is a lion. He’s tough, sexual, dominating, and aggressive. He fights for his boundaries, he challenges others, and he gets bruised. And, that’s what makes him the king of the jungle. And, for women, romancing, and having sex, with a lion is much more thrilling and attractive than romancing with a cat.

So, don’t relax on your asses, and don’t purr like a cat… Roar like a lion, and let her see that you have goals in your life, and you’re going to become a billionaire…

Get up right now, grab back of her neck and smooch her lips like you own her. Throw her in bed, pull her hairs, and ravish her like an owner – like an animal.

That’s how you seduce!