Home Remedy For Cat Urine Odor

Home Remedy For Cat Urine Odor

If your cat is anything like my cat Jessy was when we first got her, you are probably suffering with a cat problem. Namely your cat has decided to use your floor or favourite piece of furniture as a litter tray and you are searching for a home remedy for cat urine odor.

There is something very distinct about the smell of cat urine. It is very powerful and you immediately know when you enter a room if a cat has urinated. Unfortunately for you, if it is not correctly treated, the smell can linger for weeks. This is unhygienic and very embarrassing when friends pop over!

Happily, there are some home remedies for cat urine that will work in the short term to remove the stench. Before attempting any home remedy you must soak up as much urine as possible to ensure it doesn’t seep and deeply penetrate the carpet, concrete or furniture.

One commonly used home remedy is to place an onion on the affected area. The onion will absorb the odors, without leaving an onion smell. Another option is to apply minted mouthwash, be careful you don’t stain or ruin carpets or furniture with this method. Another option some cat owners use is to mix carbonated soda or baking soda with a touch of vinegar to clean and mask the smell. Again be careful about staining.

Home remedies can work well to get rid of cat urine spots and their smell. Everyone has different ideas of what works so you’ll have to test for yourself. Although the
above home remedies may temporarily work, they don’t tackle the route of the problem – Why your cat is urinating in your house instead of the litter tray or the backyard.

I found a cat urine solution that not got rid of Jessy’s cat urine odors, but cleaned the most stubborn stains and provided me with the answers to stop Jessy from urinating in the home.