December 8, 2023

Cvb Dienste

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Golden Retriever Biting – 3 Effective Ways to Discourage Dog Nipping

Golden Retriever Biting – 3 Effective Ways to Discourage Dog Nipping

Although golden retriever biting is uncommon for this breed, it is still a problem for some dog owners. If you are one of those owners who have a problem with dog nipping, then this article is exactly for you. There are a lot of different ways for you to avoid dog biting but the most positive ways to discourage dog biting are: a.) start while your dog is a puppy; b.) always have toys available to your dog; c.) encourage acceptable behavior. These three steps are sure fire ways to keep those teeth off of your arms and fingers.

Start While Your Dog is a Puppy

The reason for starting young is for you to avoid bad behavior from becoming a habit. Puppies, especially when they are teething, tend to nip and bite. When this happens and your dog starts to nip at you, give a loud, high-pitched “ouch” to let your dog know that you got hurt. Mimicking puppies when they play, a puppy when bitten by a sibling would yelp to signal he was hurt.

Always Have Toys Available.

Toys are important teething paraphernalia for puppies and good chew toys for adult dogs. These will allow your dogs to let out their nipping needs while not learning to bite fingers, hands, and arms. Purchase chew toys that will keep your pooch busy, there are chew toys that you can insert treats in. These always keep dogs enticed for long periods of time, discouraging golden retriever biting.

Encourage Acceptable Behavior.

Remember to always encourage acceptable behavior and to discourage unacceptable behavior, no matter how cute your puppy may look or sound like. When an unacceptable behavior occurs, immediately say “no!” Don’t wait until the whole family stops laughing, or when your puppy has moved on into doing other things. Acting immediately is important for your dog to understand which action is wrong. If saying “no!” seems not effective, try sprit spraying your puppy with water every time he starts nipping. Another tip you may want to try is to fill an empty bottle or can with rocks or coins. Shake this loudly every time your dog starts to bite. Apparently, dogs hate the rattling noise that the rocks or coins produce. 

When applying these effective ways in trying to discourage golden retriever biting, an important factor to take note of is to always be consistent. Letting your dog nip or bite once or twice is enough to confuse your dog. So teach your whole family to be consistent as well. Let these tips guide you in training your dog to avoid biting.