September 30, 2023

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Exotic Pets – Caring For Major, Non-Domestic Cats

Exotic Pets – Caring For Major, Non-Domestic Cats

Cat enthusiasts may possibly believe that the greatest working experience in their life may perhaps be to have a huge non-domestic cat as a pet. The thought of acquiring a big cat of a person style or one more may possibly seem fascinating, alluring and maybe even effective to the animal but there are a variety of really severe concerns to choose into account. Here we glance at the main troubles.


Let’s get started with the purely simple – retaining a large cat is really expensive. Just getting the cat is a sizeable chunk of cash with a Bobcat costing in the area of $900, a serval or caracal about the $1500-2000 mark, a tiger cub £2500 and an ocelot as superior as $15,000. This is just for the preliminary outlay for the animal itself and will not protect any of the other bills these types of as housing and of study course the large one particular – foodstuff.

In addition to the price tag of shopping for the animal, you will also need to have to have condition and federal permits that can be highly-priced, awkward to acquire and will preserve needing to be renewed, with a charge involved each and every time. If the permits are not proper, your animal can be seized. You will also typically be needed to have distinctive liability insurance plan in position in scenario the cat causes destruction or damage.


Many states have distinct needs about the sum of land and other services you will need in advance of you can take into account having a large cat. For most, this is at the very least 5 acres of land and this land will have to have an 8-foot perimeter fence all over it. This wall can’t be section of a cage either so if you are keeping them in an enclosure, this requires to be inside of and individual to the perimeter fence. You have to also have a roof on the region to prevent them escaping.

Vet treatment

Yet another difficulty is locating a vet able and prepared to offer with this kind of animal and who will be on simply call is there is a issue. Most you should not want the danger of having themselves or their staff members exposed to this kid of animal. You will need a piece of devices called a squeeze cage that can take care of the entirety of your cat’s bodyweight and their full size to be in a position to have people today verify it if there is a issue and these can expense any place up to $2000 by yourself. Not only that but the logistics of getting an 800 pound animal everywhere will most likely contain a fork raise truck as well as pretty substantial a transportation auto.

Food items

Massive cats will need meat and a good deal of it. There are no professional big cat foodstuff you will find in the grocery store so this suggests acquiring a butcher or other supplier who will be in a position to fulfil your needs. And these cats require a diet plan that simply cannot be various without jeopardizing the cat’s bodily and mental overall health. Working with all of that uncooked meat is also a health and fitness hazard so requirements to be done in a careful and certain way to safeguard both of those the cat and the humans in the household.