December 1, 2023

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35 Genius Things That’ll Calm Your Dog Down

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When I first brought my sheltie home as a puppy, it quickly became obvious that sudden sounds and car rides made her anxious. The pop of fireworks could send her running, barking, and shaking as she tried to herd us away from what she perceived as “danger.” Needless to say, anxiety in dogs can manifest itself in different ways (and have many causes) — but thankfully, Amazon has a variety of products geared toward calming dogs down.

Disclaimer: If you think your dog is experiencing anxiety, you should start by talking to your veterinarian about causes and treatments, per the American Kennel Club. This is especially important if you plan on giving your pup any stress-relieving supplements, including the ones on this list.

If you’ve already spoken with your veterinarian about your excited pup and have gotten the OK to move forward with relaxing remedies (whether it’s calming chews or a bed that smells like you), you can check out the genius products included here. Some items have already been proven to help calm dogs down — such as calming shirts and music therapy — per the Central California SPCA. Others have been specifically formulated with thoughtful ingredients to help ease your pup’s mind, such as these calming treats made with peanut butter, valerian root, and passionflower. One customer who gave them five stars wrote, “The product helped keep my dogs calm during the firework season.”

That’s not all, though. There are other items included here that help take the edge off bath time, grooming, and even walks in the park. Read on for some of the most tried-and-true products to help calm your precious pet — but remember to ask your veterinarian before proceeding with new supplements.


This Thunder Jacket That Provides Even & Calming Pressure

Over 24,000 reviewers have shared how this thunder jacket has helped their dogs, with one person writing that it’s “the best product ever.” Slip it on before a thunderstorm or fireworks; the patented design will provide gentle pressure across your pup’s torso without restricting their movement. It’s available in seven sizes for a perfect fit.


This Bluetooth Speaker That Comes Preloaded With Canine Music

You can easily provide a soothing background for your dog while you’re away with this Bluetooth speaker. It’s preloaded with frequency-modified music that’s pleasing to your pup’s ears, and it plays up to eight hours to help keep your pet calm. An included USB charging cord offers effortless charging.


These Hemp-Based Calming Drops You Can Add To Your Pet’s Treats

Help your pet relax with this hemp oil food supplement, which was created with organic, cold-pressed hemp seeds from Colorado. A dosing chart on the back lets you provide the proper amount (depending on your dog’s size), but you should talk to your vet to ensure the supplement and dosage is correct for your pup. You can place the drops on a treat or mix them in with dinner to add a little natural hemp to your dog’s diet.


A Tangle-Free Retractable Dog Leash That Lets Your Dog Walk Far

Give your buddy room to explore with this retractable dog leash. The tangle-free construction helps eliminate pauses in your walk, and one-hand retraction recalls your pup if they should stray too far. This heavy-duty leash is available in seven colors to match your pet’s harness.


An Interactive Treat Puzzle That Keeps Your Dog Busy

If you’ve got a smart dog that needs busy work, this treat puzzle makes the perfect option for when you can’t engage. Three compartment types let you hide a range of treats to keep your pup puzzled until they figure it out. The simple setup is an ideal answer for redirecting pets that tend to chew and paw.


These Chewy, Melatonin-Infused Treats With Over 15,000 Positive Reviews

Stock up for the next car ride or thunderstorm with these calming supplements. Two chews include 120 micrograms — or .12 milligrams — of melatonin, and there’s a chart provided by the brand about how many chews your pup should take based off their weight (but you should still talk to your vet about the right dosage for your dog). They look just like treats and are super easy to give your pet, and 65 chews come in one bag. Other main ingredients include thiamine, passion flower, L-tryptophan, ginger, chamomile, and more.


The Calming Supplements That Taste Like Chicken

If you want to try a calming supplement but have a picky pet, you can try these soft calming treats. They feature a delicious chicken flavor to entice your pup to try, along with a non-drowsy formula that shouldn’t impact your dog’s day. Calming ingredients including Suntheanine (L-theanine), chamomile, hemp seed oil, and more — and many customers “highly recommend” it. As always, you should talk to your vet before incorporating this supplement into your dog’s diet.


These Dental Sticks That Combine Calm With Clean Teeth

Comfort and clean teeth go hand in paw with these calming dental sticks. Each chew keeps your precious pup busy, while clinically researched Suntheanine (L-theanine) and Sensoril Ashwagandha help keep them calm and focused until you can relax with them. Plus, each stick includes .6 milligrams of melatonin, along with other ingredients such as chamomile, valerian root, hemp seed powder, and more. There’s a chart on the back of the pack with information on serving sizes, but you should talk to your vet before giving these to your dog. Bonus: Chewing on these sticks can keep your best friend’s breath snuggle-fresh.


A Container Of Peanut Butter-Flavored Calming Bites That So Many Dogs “Love”

A sense of serenity for your pet is easily attainable with these calming soft chews, which taste like peanut butter. The delicious flavor tempts your dog, while a relaxing blend of ingredients including valerian root, chamomile, Suntheanine (L-theanine), ginger, and more help relieve stress that could lead to aggression and destructive behavior. There’s a chart provided on the container with information on how many chews your pup should take based off their weight, but you should talk to to your vet beforehand. As one reviewer shared, “So thankful we found this product!! Our dog is so much happier!”


A Cute, Calming Collar That Comes In 12 Colors For A Personalized Pet

Fashionable and fun, this calming dog collar lets your pup step out in confidence and control. A blend of natural herbs in the color may promote relaxation, and the clip closure is easy to wear. Choose from a bright selection of colors to match your pup’s personality.


This Stuffed Plush Toy That Has A Heartbeat & A Heating Pad

Whether you foster litters of puppies or if you’re looking to transition your new little one home, this stuffed plush dog toy is a must-have. A heat pack provides the warm comfort of body heat for puppies, while the simulated heartbeat mimics a mother’s soothing presence. With a 4.6-star rating, this perfect plush can help combat loneliness and fear in young dogs.


This Donut-Shaped Dog Bed That’s Covered In Soft Faux Fur

Reap the benefits of your dog’s restful night’s sleep on this donut-shaped pet bed. A round shape encourages curling up, while nooks and crannies support a dog’s natural need to burrow. The soft vegan-friendly faux fur retains it’s fluff for night after night of comfort. This plush bed is available in eight color options.


A Pet-Grooming Glove That Makes More Of Every Pat

Your beloved dog probably lives for the pets you provide, and this pair of grooming gloves makes that attention all the more special. Each stroke removes shedding hair and delivers a calming massage that your best pal will simply adore. It’s a “win-win situation,” as one reviewer shares. Cleaner furniture and a calmer pet.


A Pet Cam That Lets You Interact With Your Pet From Work

Assure your fur baby that you’re never far away with this pet camera. The 1080-pixel, high-definition resolution lets you see your little love in clarity, while built-in vet chat lets you contact medical support if you spot a potential illness or injury. Compatibility with the Petcube app delivers push notifications. Want to say hi? Simply use the two-way chat.


These Licking Mats That Preoccupy Your Pup During Bath Time

Slowing your pet down at snack or meal times is simple with this set of licking mats. Spread them with peanut butter and stick them on the wall, and you’ve got a time-taking task for your pet to engage with. At supper, spread kibble among the grooves to help encourage slower eating and healthier digestion. They can even help calm and distract your dog during their bath time.


This Pet-Bathing Tool That Connects To Outdoor Hoses & Shower Setups

Wash and groom your dog in one simple step with this pet-bathing tool that scrubs and brushes. Included adapters fit your bath faucet or outdoor spigot for indoor and outdoor bathing, and a convenient switch supports one-handed operation. The one-size-fits-all strap fits over your hand, so you can calm your pup as you wash.


A Water Bottle That Helps Keep Your Dog Hydrated On Road Trips & Park Visits

If you ask me, keeping your puppy properly hydrated while out and about shouldn’t be stressful. This portable dog water bottle makes it simple (and stress-free) to provide a drink at the park or on the road. The large trough fills at the touch of a button, and a silicone seal helps prevent leaking. This one’s highly rated with 4.8 stars.


This Fun Feeder That Slows Down Dinner Time For Excitable Dogs

This fun puzzle feeder makes dinner time a happy task, slowing down your dog’s intake by up to 10 times their normal rate. The built-in ridges encourage foraging for food, and a nonslip base keeps it stable at your feeding station. You can pick from a range of sizes and patterns.


These Long-Lasting Rawhide-Free Dog Chews That Curb Aggressive Chewing

These yak cheese chews offer a delicious alternative to rawhide to help appease your pup’s need to gnaw. Crafted in the Himalayas using 100% yak and cow milk, these long-lasting, odor-free treats are naturally delicious while giving your best friend the busy work they crave. Still, you should talk to your veterinarian before adding these treats to your dog’s diet.


A Pet Snuffle Mat That Lets You Hide Treats To Keep Your Dog Busy

Hide treats and toys among the “leaves” of this snuffle mat and watch your dog as they try to find every one. The soft fabric construction is suitable for playtime, and a drawstring at the top lets you change up the puzzle difficulty. It’s also machine washable and has over 8,600 five-star ratings.


A Rolling Treat Ball That Helps Engage Bored Or Anxious Pets

Engage your dog’s mind and provide their favorite treats with this puzzling treat ball. The disc inside is adjustable, so you can change the difficulty levels as your fur baby figures it out — and the pieces come apart for easy maintenance. Fill it with dog food to slow down the dinner dash.


This Dog Bed Bag You Can Stuff With Clothes Or Blankets For A Calming Scent

This super-smart stuff sack lets you fill your dog’s bed with old clothing and blankets for a custom calming bed insert that smells like you. Plus, it’s made with nylon and can be closed via zipper to keep your clothing and blankets inside. On wash days, simply pop the whole bag in the machine.


This Soothing Oatmeal Dog Shampoo That’s Great For Sensitive Skin

Bath time for your dog doesn’t have to be a struggle with this calming dog shampoo. The gentle formula is suitable for use on soft puppy skin and older dogs with sensitivity or skin issues, delivering a thorough cleanse. This formula is alcohol-free as well as paraben-free, and it contains no artificial dyes for your peace of mind. Some key ingredients include aloe, chamomile, and rosemary.


A Silicone Messaging Brush That’s Easy To Clean

You can use this dog message brush wet or dry to clean and maintain your pet’s fur while simultaneously relaxing them. Comfortable side grips make it easy to handle at bath time, and the silicone bristles are gentle as they remove shedding hair. This brush has a removable screen to keep it super clean between uses.


A Plush Bear That Comes With Calming Drops To Help Keep Your Best Buddy Calm

Comfort your anxious puppy or an older dog with this adorable plush bear toy that works with calming drops. The drops feature a natural pheromone that helps calm distressed dogs, while the sturdy construction offers positive chewing reinforcement. Place a few drops on this stuffy before you leave home to provide reassurance to your beloved baby.


These Peanut Butter Flavored Treats That Help With Stress, Anxiety & Hyperactivity

Delight your dog with a delicious treat that may help calm them down with this peanut butter flavored calming treat. Wholesome vitamins, minerals, and ingredients — including valerian root, passion flower, peanut butter, and more — provide a mindful option for pampering your pooch, and multiple reviewers are amazed they “actually work.” The brand provided a serving chart based off your dog’s weight, but you should talk to your vet about your dog’s proper dosage.


This Calming Peanut Butter Spread Infused With Melatonin

You can use this smooth peanut butter spread as a dinner topping or toy additive to help calm your dog through thunderstorms or vacuum cleaners. Each teaspoon includes 1 milligram of melatonin and 50 milligrams of chamomile — and it works well with Chill chew toys as a fun job for your dog to do, redirecting their attention. Plus, the peanut butter flavor is one dogs often can’t resist. There’s a chart on he back of the product indicating how many teaspoons your dog should be served based off their weight, but you should still talk to your vet about the right serving size for your pup.


A Cooling Mat That Helps Chill Your Dog Out (Literally)

This cooling mat provides a comfortable option for keeping your dog chilly on hotter days. It’s crafted with cooling fibers and boasts a nonskid backing to hold it in place. Plus, you can easily clean it in your washing machine when needed. One customer even wrote that it’s “feels cool to the touch.”


A Plush Vegan Fur Blanket That Is Calm And Cozy For Dog Beds & Crates

This warm faux fur blanket is so soft and cuddly, you might want one for yourself. The thick faux-fur pile delivers calming comfort to your dog, making it ideal for lining a crate or using with a dog bed. This blanket comes in seven colors and two sizes to meet the needs of every pup, and it’s even machine washable.


A 3-Sided Furniture Cover That Lets You Dog Cuddle On The Couch

This reversible furniture cover provides a space for your pet to cuddle on the couch while keeping your furniture protected. The three-sided bolster helps calm and comfort your dog with a defined space, and the water-resistant fabric helps protect against accidents. Choose from three color options and four sizes.


This Universal Car Seat Cover That Lets Your Pup Travel With You

Protect your seats and provide a suitable space for your pet to ride with this back seat cover protector. The universal design fits most car and SUV back seats and covers the console area to help keep wandering pets from heading to the front seat. This cover comes highly recommended with a 4.6-star rating.


This Set Of Collapsible Dog Bowls For Food & Water On The Road

Feeding your pet on road trips or other adventures shouldn’t be stressful or hard. This set of collapsible dog bowls lets you easily feed and hydrate your furry friend when you’re away from home. The collapsible design and carabiner hook attaches easily to your backpack, and the generous sizes eliminate the mess of water bottles and hand feeding.


This Booster Car Seat That Keeps Your Small Dog Secure Mid-Ride

Set up this sturdy dog car seat in your vehicle to provide a spot for your pup to sit while you’re traveling. The raised edges give smaller dogs their own space, while the anti-slip mat holds it firmly in place around corners and curves. This dog booster even features a pocket for stowing favorite toys.


A Hands-Free Leash That Makes It Possible To Cycle With Your Pet

This hands-free leash makes it simple to bring your best friend along on your bike rides so they can get exercise, too. A 15-inch guide pole helps keep them out of contact with the wheels while you’re cruising — and this leash features shock absorption, meaning sudden stops and turns shouldn’t impact your ride.


This Breathable Mesh Dog Harness With Over 80,000 Positive Ratings

Over 80,000 pet moms and dads have checked in with rave reviews for this breathable dog harness. A stylish design keeps your pup looking their best, and the breathable mesh construction offers comfortable all-day wear. Double rings on the back make it simple to attach a leash that won’t pull on your dog’s neck.