December 8, 2023

Cvb Dienste

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3 Secrets of How Use To Your Animal Instincts to Seduce Women

3 Secrets of How Use To Your Animal Instincts to Seduce Women

You are about to discover powerful secrets of how to seduce women using your animal instincts. You need to pay careful attention to what you are reading here because this advice could unlock your ability to attract hot women at will.

Men who do not understand these secrets cannot create strong sexual attraction in women. In addition, their sexual relations are usually very weak, lacking the passion women crave so much.

There has been a lot of scientific research to prove that attraction happens in our “reptilian brain”. That’s the part of our brain that’s responsible for things like emotions and reproduction. For this reason, it’s absolutely necessary that you understand exactly how this can work for you when attracting women. Here is how this works.

Secret #1 – Your predatory instincts

Women are attracted to men who exhibit of “hunters” and “warriors.” In the animal kingdom, you can see this is typical predatory behaviour. There is something else you must keep in mind; amongst animals, the females are drawn to the male that is most likely to protect them.

This explains why women are attracted to confident men who are not good-looking. These women feel safe around such men. They are attracted to their masculine confidence on an instinctual level.

You can combine this behaviour of being a predator and protector in your own life. Whenever you assert yourself and go for what you truly want you are exhibiting this behaviour. Working on your body and physical strength is an advantage too.

You can unleash this power within yourself by making the resolve to be more decisive and to follow your passion. You will soon see an improvement in the way women react to you.

Secret #2 – Your sexual desire

Here is a very important insight: human beings transfer emotions. You have probably experienced the fact that laughter and anger are contagious. In the same way you can transfer your sexual desire to woman and get her aroused in the process.

You may have observed men who openly flirt with women and make sexual remarks that women seem to enjoy. What are these guys doing differently from other men?

The answer is quite simple. Most men are not comfortable with their sexual desire and they mix it with the fear of rejection. Women sense this fear. It scares them away.

If you want to use your sexual desire you need to learn how to become comfortable with it first. You will then be able to express in a relaxed manner that women find attractive.

Secret #3 – Your territory and area of influence

Human beings are very territorial even though we don’t realise it on a conscious level. We build fences around our homes. We also have a strong emotional attachment to all types of property.

We can also expand our reach by having influence. You can do this by becoming an expert in a subject area, a celebrity, or simply a leader of a group of people.

Just like in the animal kingdom, women feel a strong attraction for men who exert influence. The good news is that you don’t have to become a world recognized personality. As long as you have something going for yourself there will be women who will find you attractive.