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Zhu Zhu Animals: Hamsters to Help you save Christmas?

Nov. 20, 2009— — “Zhu Zhu Pets are just about everywhere!” — or so goes their catchy jingle. Arrive Christmas early morning, stores throughout the nation hope that will be true.

Zhu Zhu Pets, the cuddly, on-the-go hamsters who squeak, roll, even push their own autos, are on their way to getting the holiday break season’s “have to-have” toy.

Stores like Ken Levinsohn, owner of the Learning Express toy retailer in Scarsdale, N.Y., hope they’ll be the hamsters that conserve Xmas.

“Based mostly on the demand, it is going to be warm,” Levinsohn stated.

The difficulties is for Levinsohn is that he has none to market. Pursuing in the footsteps of need to-haves of seasons previous — the Furby, Tickle-me Elmo, Cabbage Patch dolls, Beanie Babies — offer seems to improve quick just when desire is significant, and Zhu Zhu Pets are flying off store cabinets.

“It is really easier to get a swine flu shot than to get Zhu Zhu Animals,” explained buyer Julie Gerstenblatt.

Levinsohn explained he has been waiting for yet another cargo for just about two months. “Plainly, the demand is there. The product is not. It is really annoying,” he mentioned.

But it is just not just compact independents like Levinsohn who are obtaining hassle finding hold of Zhu Zhu Animals. Even the most significant vendors say they won’t be able to get plenty of.

Marketing Out in Hrs

At the Toys “R” Us in New York City’s Situations Sq., salespeople you should not bother placing Zhu Zhu Animals on the cabinets. Every single shipment has bought out in a matter of hrs.

A person salesperson advised us that even the accessories, which are bought individually from the coveted pets, were managing minimal. At one particular retail store, shopper Theresa Brdaric scored the very last Zhu Zhu Pet automobile.

“The cars are likely for very a bit on Ebay. The cars and the ball are the most significant sellers on Ebay, I feel. I’m just satisfied to get some,” she reported.

On Ebay, the $9 hamsters are remaining auctioned for up to $60 a piece.

Vendors Look to Trend Toy to Lure Buyers

Chris Byrne, recognized in field circles as the “toy person,” has seen many fads appear and go, but still are unable to say why lightning strikes any specific toy.

“At the conclusion of the working day, you cannot predict a fad. Some individuals will inform you you can but it’s not attainable. When one thing actually catches the creativity,then you’ve received folks who would not generally get these toys on the lookout for them,” Byrne said.

“I feel with the Zhu Zhu Animals — everybody’s been conversing know-how, mobile phones, iPods. This is kind of, even nevertheless its excellent technological innovation, it truly is the antithesis of that for the reason that it’s genuinely exciting, and resourceful and it can be a basic perform sample,” he claimed.

Previous Christmas, with the economy in turmoil, retailers suffered badly. But Zhu Zhu Pets are miraculously bringing folks again into toy outlets.

“You know, it may well be the hamster that saved Xmas for the reason that it is a rising tide lifts all boats. It really is received people today coming to the shops. They’re seeking to discover these. But then they are wanting all around at other issues,” Byrne stated.

Wherever Zhu Zhu Animals Are Born

“Nightline” frequented the Zhu Zhu headquarters near St. Louis, where the pets’ creator, Russ Hornsby, introduced us to his top-offering line of characters. They have names like “Mr. Squiggles,” “Chunk,” “Num Num,” and “Pipsqueak.”

Hornsby said they didn’t make lots of of the robotic hamsters at to start with, simply because he did not know if they would capture on.

The response has been “phenomenal …unbelievable,” he said. “I’ve by no means found just about anything like this in my complete lifetime and likely will never see anything like it once more in my existence.”

Hornsby credits Zhu Zhu Pets’ level of popularity to truthful cost, novelty and the “nag factor” — little ones whining for their dad and mom to get them. The merchandise retail for about $9.

“Whenyou have an product beneath $10 nowadays, the shopper is likely to rally towards it. That’s supplied that in simple fact little ones are thrilled about it,” he reported. “And the excitement is, ‘Hey mother, did you see the hamster that just drove throughout that Tv established? I want one, Mom.’ Which is the ‘Hey mother, I want it, you should!'”

Hornsby has gambled ahead of and dropped. He was the brains behind the “Powerpuff Women” and “Rumble Robots,” but ultimately, like most fad toys, they disappeared.

Children Likely Ga-Ga for Zhu Zhu Pets

At the firm’s top, Hornsby reported he experienced a staff of 600 and annual gross sales of $250 million. Then it was absent.

“It was essentially most likely within just a number of times it was gone. Lights were being turned out. Growth,” he mentioned.

Now, he and daughters Natalie and Ashley are back with Zhu Zhu pets. His firm, Cepia, is smaller and leaner, with only 15 team workers this time close to. They take care of every little thing from design to marketing and advertising to innovative advancement and are currently generating 220,000 Zhu Zhu animals a day.

To take a look at Zhu Zhu Pets’ reputation, we gathered a panel of “specialists” at the Stylish Kid preschool exterior St. Louis. (In the fascination of full disclosure, they integrated Vicki’s niece Sienna and cousins Jaden, 7, and Blake, 10).

“I like the velocity and the, the ball issue. The factor they experience in. They drive it and it rolls,” youthful Jaden Fields claimed.

An additional kid mentioned, “I want just one for Xmas.”

When asked if they would fairly have a true hamster or a Zhu Zhu Pet, many kids reported Zhu Zhu Pets.

“Mainly because you can convert it on and off, and you are unable to transform a hamster on and off,” reported nine-year-previous Sam Wolfe.

On Tuesday, toy keep operator Ken Levinsohn finally gained his cargo of Zhu Zhu Animals. It was only a 3rd of what he had envisioned.

“Most likely they’re going to be gone by the close of the day,” he explained.

Levinsohn e-mailed nervous shoppers who had been on his waiting record. He offered out of his allotment in only an hour and a half.

Zhu Zhu Pets’ creators say they will have 4 to 5 million in suppliers by Xmas.