November 30, 2023

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Wacky and Wild Takes advantage of for Zip Ties

Wacky and Wild Takes advantage of for Zip Ties

These times zip ties and cable ties are providing duct tape a operate for its income. Typically regarded for their main function of bundling cables and cords, zip ties are a functional item, increasingly staying utilized for a wide variety of inventive reasons. This is a major 10 list of wild and wacky cable tie programs.

Coronary heart Surgical treatment

College students at Johns Hopkins College arrived up with the notion of utilizing cable ties to close up a chest following heart surgical treatment. The zip ties are threaded through the rib cage and mounted around the sternum.

Industrial Art

Sculptor Emily Dvorin utilizes cable ties in her present day art pieces. In some sculptures, the cable ties are the star of the show, fanning out from the heart and displaying their glory. In other performs, the ties are functional, fastening collectively many elements of the masterpiece they aid.


The wire sides of a crab cage can be linked utilizing, you guessed it, zip ties. They also make great lobster cuffs and are wonderful for arranging deal with and tools.

Crisis Fasteners

Cable ties really occur via in a bind. When a zipper or button on busts on a pair of trousers, a cable tie can be threaded by way of the belt loops, holding everything collectively. When a shoe lace breaks, a cable tie is a brief replacement.

Pet Treatment

Are unable to find the dog’s collar? Attempt a zip tie. Just be mindful not to protected it far too tightly. And if the valuable pooch has chewed via still yet another leash, generate a chain of cable ties for an insta-leash.


Way too quite a few criminals and not ample handcuffs? Split out some cable ties and protected the conniving burglars until the police car reaches the station.


No matter if for theater or Halloween, costumes have their awkward moments. But wardrobe malfunctions can be averted with an sufficient source of cable ties. Pull together the back again of a corset or assistance out a stubborn zipper. Experience creative? Sign up for the ranks of the artistic couple who have mastered the artwork of setting up overall costumes out of zip ties!


Bright, fluorescent cable ties can help recognize a suitcase at baggage claim. This can assist keep away from all types of hassles, from considering each and every black bag is yours to unintentionally picking up the improper suitcase.

Occasion Decorations

Place the construction paper away and get out the cable ties. It can be time to make garland for that holiday or birthday social gathering! Simply link with each other a bunch of personal zip ties and hold them all-around the place in a festive manner. Increase industrial flair by fashioning a zip tie chandelier or cell.


Keys are plentiful more than enough without having introducing a fancy shmancy keychain to bulk up a pocket or purse. Loop a cable tie by means of a set of keys and you are excellent to go.

Really don’t permit the cable man have all the enjoyment. Inventory up on cable ties and enable your imagination do the zipping.