November 30, 2023

Cvb Dienste

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Training Your Dog – Dog Training Tips and Advice

Training Your Dog – Dog Training Tips and Advice

Training your dog or puppy can be a very rewarding experience or your worst nightmare depending on the dog breed and your expertise. Most of my friends’ dog choices (at least those I know best) were impulsive and random. I know many guys who bought that cute little puppy for their girls without the slightest idea of how to train them. I was guilty of not knowing how to train my dog when I bought my first puppy. I learned a lot back then and now, even though I know better, still choose the same difficult to train breed, the Daschund. Daschunds are notoriously difficult to train and very stubborn. Knowing how to train your dog is really important; even before you buy, make sure you know the basics. Here are some tips to get you started:

Training Your Dog – Tip #1

Consistency is the key. I see many people, especially couples fall into this trap. For each action, there must be a consistent, immediate reaction. Your puppy will look to you to provide guidance as to acceptable behavior. For example, if you feed your puppy from her bowl, and your partner insists on giving the puppy scraps from the table, you will confuse the puppy. If you pick up the puppy and put him on the sofa when you partner strongly objects, you will confuse the puppy. If you live alone, this process is a little easier. If you don’t want your dog to jump on the furniture, don’t let them get on the furniture anywhere. It is NOT OK to put them on your bed to watch television and admonish them when they jump on the living room sofa. Think about the behaviors you will find acceptable in the long run and stick to them.

Training Your Dog – Tip #2

Patience, patience, patience! Training your dog will strain your patience, no doubt. You must be patient with your dog or puppy because they will have accidents. Lots of patience will yield great rewards in the future. If you are not patient and you give up on their training, you will both pay. The inevitable result will be a badly behaved dog and a strained relationship at best. Keep this in mind before you get your puppy. Carpet lovers, you were warned!

Training Your Dog – Tip #3

Lavish praise and love on your doggie when they do something right. Dogs love to please their human companions. When your dog does something you want them to do, praise them right away! Also, a tasty treat would be nice too, especially when training a puppy. If you do use treats, taper them off eventually as you do not want a dog who hounds you for treats every time they pee!

Well, there you have some tips for training your dog or puppy. Obviously, we just scratched the surface, but the most important points I would like to make are these; learn how to train your puppy before bringing them home and know which breeds are the most trainable.