Teach Your Cat To Walk On A Harness & Unleash Their Wild Side

Teach Your Cat To Walk On A Harness & Unleash Their Wild Side

Instructing your cat to stroll on a harness may possibly seem challenging, but it is a fairly very simple method that requires just a small patience and time. You may well even be amazed how speedily some kitties consider to strapping in and having out for adventure! Specifically if you’ve obtained a feline who craves adventure like Mia the Bengal cat.

From the moment cat dad Albert satisfied Mia, he knew she was a large-energy cat who essential additional than indoor playtime to burn up all her excessive strength. So, as a paw dad or mum devoted to encouraging his Bengal cat thrive, Albert taught Mia to dress in a harness so they could equally get pleasure from the outdoor daily life. And immediately after only a number of instruction classes, Mia was ready to prowl the world, enabling Albert to acquire her sites he never ever believed achievable.

And if you and your kitty are an adventurous pair like Albert and Mia, it won’t be extended in advance of you have taught your cat how to walk on a harness with these simple measures! Furthermore, when you and your cat get it outside for some fun, you are providing your furry one with a wealth of positive aspects to their properly-being.

3 Factors to Wander Your Cat

When not all cats want to set on a harness and head out for a stroll, cats with large-power drives will usually consider right to it mainly because they have to have and want the action. Mia enjoys lifetime on the harness, and Albert stories viewing these three added benefits from instructing her to wander on a leash.

#1 – Harnessing Up Can Unleash Curiosity

When cats get a likelihood to explore the outdoor, their normal looking and survival capabilities activate, and their curiosity arrives alive. This opportunity to unleash the wild and primal side aids cats prosper in all features of their lives.

#2 – Drain Your Small Big Cat’s Vitality

Cats really like to check out, and heading exterior provides them loads of place to sniff and snoop. They’ll invest time investigating every small issue, supplying their instincts and electricity stages a likelihood to go wild. Whether they’re checking out a hole in the floor or a tree that helps make a excellent vantage point for a cat to survey the land, your furry explorer will use each individual a person of their senses to take it all in. Pair that with some managing all over, and you have obtained a single worn-out kitty on your hands! And a cat who will get a good deal of balanced stimulation and training is a delighted a single!

#3 – Alongside one another Time Deepens Your Bond

Not only does walking your cat on a leash present stimulation and work out, but it also serves to deepen the bond in between you and your cat. And when you get back house following out of doors adventures, your cat will most very likely be completely ready for a nap. And their preferred put to snooze is curled up in your arms, and snuggle time is also bonding time!

Instruct Your Cat To Walk On A Harness

When educating your cat to wander on a leash, adhere to these 4 easy but vital actions:

  • Pick the correct harness.
  • Desensitize your cat to the harness.
  • Set on the harness.
  • Walk your cat on a leash.

And keep in mind, treating your cat to a tasty tidbit for a job properly performed is a critical to achievements for every step of harness education!

Opt for the Suitable Harness

When you start off the research for your cat’s harness, be well prepared for web pages on internet pages of effects. You will in all probability find some stand-out solutions right away and effortlessly dismiss some much too. But that still leaves you with hundreds of options to wade by way of. And though they are not all winners, there’s a harness out there for each and every cat. For assist acquiring your kitty’s fantastic alternative, examine out What to Search for In A Harness For Your Cat.

When you have made the decision what harness you have to have for your cat, having the suitable dimensions is crucial. A harness that is too massive would make it less complicated for your cat to escape, though 1 that is too compact can bring about soreness. And a cat who finds a harness awkward is possible to plop on their aspect and refuse to transfer. And which is no fun for everyone! To keep away from a misfit, review the manufacturer’s recommendations on dimensions and evaluate your cat right before purchasing. The suitable suit lets two to three fingers to slip amongst the harness and your cat’s body.

If you’re however unsure which harness to try out, take into consideration the OutdoorBengal Escape-Proof Cat Harness. It’s light-weight and makes escape virtually difficult.

Desensitize Your Cat to the Harness

You know how cats can be when you provide them anything new, they aren’t often thrilled recipients. Unless of course it’s catnip. Then you’ll see some rapid gratitude from your feline! But normally, cats typically just take a though to get snug all over new issues, and this will consist of their harness as well.

To desensitize your cat to the harness, place the harness in spots exactly where your cat hangs out most and permit them soak the harness with their scent. After the harness smells a minimal much more like your cat and a small much less like a factory and dyes, the simpler it will be to get your cat utilised to carrying it. When you see your cat checking out the harness, praise them for their boldness and hand them a take care of! Repeat this until finally your cat thinks the harness’s presence is no major offer. Just remember to choose your time and get points slow. This is meant to be the commencing of plenty of entertaining for you and your cat, and you really do not want to spoil it by hurrying interactions with the new and unfamiliar harness.

Put the Harness on Your Cat

Now, the minute of truth of the matter is on you. It’s time to set the harness on your cat! The simplest way to set a harness on your cat is by teaching them to sit and stay. Want to instruct your cat to sit? Outside Bengal features this outstanding video clip tutorial on how to prepare your cat to sit and keep.

If your cat doesn’t know how to sit and keep, you can also place the harness on by securing your kitty’s rump in between your elbow and entire body, leaving both absolutely free fingers to strap your cat into the harness. In the video beneath, Albert and Mia illustrate how to place a harness on your cat.


You have performed it! Your cat is in their new harness. One of two factors will most likely transpire now…

1) Your cat doesn’t thoughts the harness and begins feeding on and actively playing right absent although carrying it.

2) Your cat hates the harness and doesn’t move or plops on the floor.

If your cat does not intellect putting on the harness, congratulations! You’ve bought a cat that’s prepared to wander on a leash! But if your kitty is considerably less than thrilled about their new accent, which is alright far too. It just usually means much more follow is wanted. Repeat the striving-on procedure and reward generously until finally your cat does not fuss about sporting the harness. This process might get up to a several months, so really don’t give up. The reward is perfectly worthy of the get the job done for both equally you and your cat.

Walk Your Cat on a Leash


At the time your cat is comfortable donning the harness, incorporating the leash shouldn’t be tough. Start out indoors to acclimate your cat to getting guided via the leash. The moment the two of you have strolling about the household mastered, undertaking outdoor to a peaceful spot absolutely free of dogs and unfamiliar folks. As your cat receives more and more accustomed to the leash daily life, you can get started braving a lot more populated places. And quickly, you and your feline BFF will be trekking everywhere you go!


Habituation transpires when expertise beats expectations. If your cat does not like one thing but is bit by bit and continually confronted with that scenario, and the consequence is a positive working experience, their dread of that celebration will at some point diminish. On the other hand, the line amongst advancing and developing trauma is really fantastic. If your cat has a negative knowledge, weeks of progress can be shed in just 1 working day. To maintain points beneficial, classes really should be kept short and sweet.


Now, are you and your cat all set for some experience? Then get your cat an OutdoorBengal Escape-Evidence Cat Harness and get outdoors. And even though you are roaming, you may possibly just find Albert and Mia out there as well!