December 1, 2023

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Lick Sleeve Product Review | Collie Chatter

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When Lick Sleeve arrived at out to me for a products evaluation, I agreed to do it due to the fact the offer came at a great time. My big, clumsy pet had just cut his leg, and I needed to give him a break from getting a lampshade all the time. Vakaa doesn’t really like sporting a cone – what pet dog does? – so I imagined the Lick Sleeve might be a superior alternate to try out.

Turns out he seriously didn’t mind sporting it at all, unlike the wraps and bandages we experienced earlier employed. He stored ripping people off every time we weren’t seeing. The Lick Sleeve did not trouble him however, and it did do the work of avoiding him from licking the wound. We principally put it on him when he went exterior, which held filth from receiving into the lower.


Vakaa putting on his Lick Sleeve outdoors


Lick Sleeve also despatched a card with “Tips & Tricks” as very well as “Incision Treatment.” In addition, there are detailed recommendations for putting on and altering the straps on their site, as perfectly as a FAQ segment to solution common inquiries people might have about the item.

A person advantage Lick Sleeve has over other surgical recovery sleeves is its flexibility. While mostly created with rear legs in head, it can be worn on a front leg as nicely. This is how Vakaa wore his Lick Sleeve, since his harm was to his correct foreleg. The actuality that it can be adapted for all four legs may perhaps make it worthwhile for those who would balk at the rate, as it is additional highly-priced than most similar solutions on the sector.


A sable and white Collie wearing a Lick Sleeve stands outside with a man wearing a black Lick Sleeve t-shirt
Vakaa and his P.A.W. Service Dogs trainer modeling Lick Sleeve products


When the Lick Sleeve is intended to be breathable, I would not endorse them to be worn spherical-the-clock. In advance of having Vakaa use his, I consulted with my fantastic good friend who manages a community vet clinic. She informed me that none of the veterinarians she has worked with at the Forever Vets chain of clinics suggest surgical sleeves or satisfies to be worn 24/7, thanks to worries about lack of airflow to the wound. Continuously masking an injuries does not encourage therapeutic, she stated, and can truly guide to delayed restoration or infection.

Instead, it is very best to use the Lick Sleeve in tandem with a cone. Vakaa’s lick sleeve authorized him to have extra outside the house time, as I had formerly been anxious that his cut would develop into contaminated whilst out of doorways. In particular with the to some degree sticky ointment he was prescribed, particles seemed to be extremely captivated to the harm internet site. In that way, the Lick Sleeve was a godsend.


Rear leg closeup of a Collie wearing a Lick Sleeve on a hind leg
Lick Sleeve worn on hind leg


For sizing, most Tough Collies and Smooth Collies will will need a massive, which is intended to healthy canine 50-80 pounds (23-36 kg). It is also created so the base portion of the sleeve can be slice off for massive-pawed puppies, devoid of the product unraveling. One more bonus is that the pricing for a Lick Sleeve remains the similar no issue which dimension you purchase.

Vakaa was mistakenly despatched a medium dimension, but I just made it do the job by not wrapping it 2 times. (I’m guessing whoever packaged my Lick Sleeve believed I owned Border Collies, not their greater Rough Collie cousins. This shouldn’t be an challenge for men and women buying through the website even though.) Even however it was pretty unfastened about his human body and upper leg like that, he was a fantastic boy and still left it alone.


A sable and white Rough Collie wearing a Lick Sleeve on her rear leg
Yoshi modeling a Lick Sleeve


I was capable to squeeze my smallest Collie, Yoshi, into the Lick Sleeve just for demonstration purposes. Yoshi weighs 53 lbs . (24 kg) while, so it was snug on her. She was a great activity about becoming a pet dog product, but it would not have been comfy for her to have on for extensive. A medium dimensions would almost certainly be appropriate only for compact woman Collies weighing all around 45-50 lbs (20-23 kg).

General, I would level this as a great solution. Lick Sleeve’s dollars back again guarantee makes this a risk-free product to check out. For puppies who truly, really loathe carrying the cone of shame, this is a good option to give them a prospect to run around with no smacking their wearable satellite dish into issues!



The Lick Sleeve logo stamped onto a carboard box


What pet goods have labored for you following a medical procedures or injury? Let us know in the feedback! 

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