December 1, 2023

Cvb Dienste

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Jacksonville veterinarian business allegedly misdiagnosed bring about of demise in Animal Dwelling scenario

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Management at Animal House were confident of the outcome with the case involving their groomer and potential felony animal cruelty charges.

“We are assured that the surveillance footage will affirm that our groomer was performing correctly at all instances with Curry,” in accordance to Animal Dwelling.

In excess of the last a number of weeks, Animal Residence Boarding and Grooming have been at the forefront of criticism involving the dying of a pet in their care — a 7-calendar year-outdated Border Collie blend named Curry, owned by Emilee and Kevin Hanks.

The groomer, who was arrested for a felony animal cruelty demand, only to have them dismissed on Thursday, was criticized by several in the public. Cherry Derr, a lengthy-time worker of Animal House, had her public facts shared throughout several social media web-sites and received threats.

The time period “innocent right up until tested responsible” did not implement to those who had previously created their minds up about the circumstance. 

Enter Thursday early morning. 

Onslow County District Legal professional Ernie Lee’s announcement was overwhelming, to say the the very least, dropping the charge and is not prosecuting Derr. In accordance to Lee, video clip evidence from the working day and exams from the state’s veterinary lab concluded no animal cruelty steps were current.