December 1, 2023

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Never Knowingly Pets

Gentle Paws: Talking about exotics | Columnists

You could nicely have witnessed a critter in a pet retailer or in other places (like Craigslist), specifically caged, just waiting around to be the strike of just about every cocktail bash or football activity you invite mates about for. It may perhaps have two, four, 6, eight or a lot more legs — or none at all. It may perhaps try to eat other live animals, earning it further intriguing. It might occur in splendid colours, or be black as night time. It may have fangs or venom, pinchers or stingers, claws or stink glands.

In the pet “industry,” as properly as in the realm of sheltering, these animals are termed as “exotics.” Exotics can be observed in specialty pet suppliers, by folks promotion their sale (or their no cost giveaway just after the tank has been outgrown), or in the wild. One particular of the trends of the final couple decades has been to collect the most strange, one of a kind, gross, smelly, risky, creepy, slimy, sharp, insatiable creature 1 can obtain, plop it in a fish tank with a heat lamp and some wooden shavings, place a screen in excess of the top and display it off as however nature has been personally circumvented. Lots of victims of the unique trade involve reptiles (for illustration, snakes, turtles, etcetera.), birds, amphibians (frogs and salamanders), arachnids (these as tarantulas, scorpions), arthropods (e.g. centipedes), bugs, and even a lot of wild mammals (hedgehogs, skunks, squirrels, monkeys, and many others.)

Though the investigate, discovery, and mother nature of all of these creations are essential scientifically and ecologically, it has been shown time and time all over again that the household servicing and display of these animals was never ever meant to be. I’ll say that again: these styles of animals ended up NOT intended to be companions! Let us appear at some chilly, challenging info. Warning — some of these details are surprising and might be disturbing:

n In the United States far more than 40% of snakebite victims intentionally set themselves in harm’s way by attempting to capture wild snakes or by carelessly dealing with their perilous animals — 40% of that range had a blood alcohol degree of .1 % or extra.

n You may try to remember the Stamford, Connecticut pet Chimpanzee attack in February of 2009, which brought about a caretaker to have to undertake confront transplant surgical treatment as a result. She experienced a massive struggle to be fought in court docket.

n The U.S. incidents of massive cat assaults have resulted in the deaths of 25 human beings, 20 adults and 5 young children, the more mauling of 273 far more adults and children, 291 escapes (this means they had at first been contained!), the killing of 150 massive cats, and 134 confiscations – in other words and phrases, someone’s huge “pet” cats eradicated from people “owners!”

n Some of you might don’t forget the 8-foot Burmese python that strangled a two-12 months-old toddler in Florida just after escaping its unlocked cage. To take note, the operator of this snake experienced no permit for it – which is a misdemeanor. Florida has instituted permit demands for reptile ownership just after people held dumping their exotic animals into the wild, leading to turmoil to the pure ecology and threat to the standard inhabitants. From the true 911 call: The baby’s lifeless! Our silly snake received out in the center of the night time and strangled the newborn.”

The list goes on. If you really want to get grossed out, the online has a lot of course-A images of pet rattlesnake bites and constricted children to slam the stage house.

Aaron Clause is an Administrative Assistant at the Columbia-Greene Humane Culture/SPCA. He may possibly be contacted at

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