December 8, 2023

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Experts have their say on how often you should wash your dog

Nothing beats watching your four-legged friend roll around in the mud, skip through puddles and jump through the grass – but the idea of having to wash them after can put some dog owners off.

Especially if your dog isn’t a fan of the water.

But with dogs taking such great pleasure in getting mucky, it’s probably best to give them a soak to get them smelling fresh and looking fluffy.

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Although there isn’t an exact science behind how often you should scrub down your dog, there are certain things you should take into consideration.

Here’s what the professional dog groomers have to say:

Three-year-old Frank enjoying a scrub
Three-year-old Frank enjoying a scrub

Alejandra Solis from Bramhall Dog Groomers advised: “Grooming really depends on the dog breed and lifestyle.

“For example Labradors don’t need much grooming, but if the dog likes to swim and roll in mud, it would need a wash more often.

“The popular poodle mixes are a great hit with families due to their lovely temperament and hypoallergenic qualities, however they need constant brushing to avoid matting and families usually can’t commit to it.”

Ellie Irving, owner of Ell’s Groomers in Liverpool, added: “Short coated breeds can be washed every four to five weeks which helps keep all the dead skin and hair away. Keeping that time frame helps keep the right amount of oils in the fur to help maintain healthy skin and a coat.”

Suggs the Springer pup getting hosed down
Suggs the Springer pup getting hosed down

Whereas for long-coated breeds, she recommended: “It will need to be done every three to four weeks, this is due to their coats being longer and if not brushed they will get knots and matts in their fur where dirt will just sit.”

Regardless of the breed, Ellie suggested using a gentle shampoo and if unsure, the groomers can show you and even check your canine friends over for eye and ear infections.

Emma Sheehan, who owns Berwick’s Barking Beauties in Wales, explained: “For German Shepherds it would usually be 10 to 12 weeks, mostly for coat maintenance, keeping it matt free. For poodles it can be every six to eight weeks.”

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Jemma Faulkner from Pawpounders in the West Midlands says washing your dog should be a five step process:

1. Check the temperament of a dog first by doing some basic fact finding from the dog’s owner to establish whether they like the bathing process or not

2. Ensure the dog is secure, happy and comfortable in its surroundings and ready for a wash

3. Check for any skin conditions and choose the shampoo by breed, there are some shampoos that are better suited to curly hair or those with short or long hair

4. Ensure the temperature of water is mild to warm

5. Dry your dog with either a microfibre towel or a special dog dryer (depending on whether the dog is sensitive to noise or not)

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